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​Site Selection involves performing Site Selection visits to sponsor or CRO SOPs to assess site suitability.
For multi-centre studies, the selection and proper evaluation of investigator sites is critical for the successful completion of a trial within budget,
timelines and to ensure the generation of good quality data.

Factors that may influence investigator site selection include:
  • Interest in the study and therapy area
  • Experience and qualifications of the investigator
  • Sufficient staff to conduct the study and their experience and qualifications
  • Availability of suitable patient population:
a. Anticipated rate of patient recruitment

b. Any conflicting studies competing for the same patient population

  • Adequate time and resource to conduct and oversee the trial
  • Adequate facilities and equipment
  • Track record with similar trials previously
  • Geographic location
  • Local R&D, Ethics or IRB procedures and timelines

We can perform individual Site Selection visits or several for a country. Sometimes at short notice depending on Investigator availability, resource availability and agreed contract being in place.